Uses cnlohr's CNFA for compatibility with non-Windows platforms.

CNFA provides compatibility with a variety of different audio systems on various platforms. It is currently the only supported method of receiving audio on Linux. On Windows, WASAPILoopback is recommended instead.

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Option NameTypeDefaultRangeDescription
Driverstring"AUTO""AUTO", "ALSA", "ANDROID", "NULL", "PULSE", "WASAPI", "WIN"Determines which CNFA driver module will be used. If "AUTO" is specified, it will attempt to find the best driver for your system.
SampleRateint480008000~384000Suggests a sample rate to the driver.
ChannelCountint21~20Suggests a channel count to the driver.
BufferSizeint4801~10000Suggests a buffer size to the driver.
Devicestring"default"Valid device names / keywordsThe recording device to use. This depends on the driver. Please check CNFA documentation for the driver you want to use to determine what should be used here.
DeviceOutputstring"default"Valid device names / keywordsThe output device to use. This device is not actually used, as ColorChord.NET does not play audio.