Creates a non-persistent, memory-mapped file (only in RAM, not on disk), then writes the LED count and data into the file at every frame.

Input Modes: Discrete 1D
Source Code
This output is useful if you want unrelated processes to be able to read the data. Acts as a Windows equivalent to the SHM output of cnlohr’s ColorChord.

The name of the memory-mapped file will be “ColorChord.NET-[Name]”, and the created mutex will be named “ColorChord.NET-Mutex-[Name]”, where [Name] is the instance name from the configuration.


  • Number of reading processes is not limited
  • Timing/frame rate synchronization is not provided
  • Reading processes should also lock the provided Mutex during data reads

Data format is:

[uint32 LEDCount]  {[uint8 R] [uint8 G] [uint8 B]} x LEDCount


Option NameTypeDefaultRangeControllableDescription
Typestring“MemoryMap”Required: Specifies this output type.
NamestringAny unique nameRequired: A unique identifier used to attach controllers.
VisualizerNamestringValid visualizer instance nameRequired: The Name property of the visualizer instance to attach to.
EnablebooltrueWhether to output new data into the mapped file.