Shows blobs of colour, size corresponding to relative note volume, and with inter-frame continuity.

Output Mode: Discrete 2D
Source Code


Option NameTypeDefaultRangeControllableDescription
Typestring“Voronoi”Required: Specifies this visualizer type.
NamestringAny unique nameRequired: A unique identifier used to attach outputs and controllers.
LEDCountXint641~100000The pixel count in the X dimension to output.
LEDCountYint321~100000The pixel count in the Y dimension to output.
FrameRateint600~1000The number of data frames to attempt to calculate per second. Determines how fast the data is output.
AmplifyPowerfloat2.510.0~100.0The power to raise note amplitudes to in preprocessing. Larger values create a bigger difference in size between strong and weak notes.
DistancePowerfloat1.50.0~100.0How far to draw colours from the blob center. Higher numbers means fewer individual colours will take up the majority of screen space.
Cutofffloat0.030.0~100.0Notes below this threshold do not get considered when rendering.
CentersFromSidesbooltrueWhether to draw the blobs around the screen in a predefined circular pattern (true), or to randomly place them on the screen (false).
SaturationAmplifierfloat5.00.0~100.0Amplifier for output colour saturation from note amplitude.
OutputGammafloat1.00.0~1.0Scales the output saturation curve.
EnablebooltrueWhether to use this visualizer.