Shows contiguous blocks of colour, size corresponding to relative note volume, and with inter-frame continuity.

Output Modes: Discrete 1D, Continuous 1D
Source Code


Option NameTypeDefaultRangeControllableDescription
Typestring“Linear”Required: Specifies this visualizer type.
NamestringAny unique nameRequired: A unique identifier used to attach outputs and controllers.
LEDCountint501~100000The number of discrete data points to output. Set this to a low value like 24 if only continuous output is used to save CPU time.
FrameRateint600~1000The number of data frames to attempt to calculate per second. Determines how fast the data is output.
LEDFloorfloat0.10.0~1.0The minimum intensity of an LED, before it is output as off instead.
LightSidingfloat1.00.0~100.0How strongly inputs should be amplified before processing. Exponential.
SaturationAmplifierfloat2.00.0~100.0Multiplier for colour saturation before conversion to RGB and output.
IsCircularboolfalseWhether to treat the output as a circle, allowing wrap-around, or as a line with defined ends. ℹ️ See below note.
SteadyBrightboolfalseSmoothes LED brightness to reduce flickering.
LEDLimitfloat1.00.0~1.0The maximum LED brightness. Caps all LEDs at this value, but does not affect values below this threshold.
EnablebooltrueWhether to use this visualizer.