Shows individual LEDs appearing and decaying, in a scattered pattern depending on surroundings and time.

Output Modes: Discrete 1D
Source Code


Option NameTypeDefaultRangeControllableDescription
Typestring“Cells”Required: Specifies this visualizer type.
NamestringAny unique nameRequired: A unique identifier used to attach outputs and controllers.
LEDCountint501~100000The number of discrete data points to output.
FrameRateint600~1000The number of data frames to attempt to calculate per second. Determines how fast the data is output.
LightSidingfloat1.90.0~100.0How strongly inputs should be amplified before processing. Exponential.
SaturationAmplifierfloat2.00.0~100.0Multiplier for colour saturation before conversion to RGB and output.
QtyAmpfloat200.0~100.0Multiplier for LED quantity to turn on for the same input. Scale this with LED quantity.
SteadyBrightboolfalseSmoothes LED brightness to reduce flickering.
TimeBasedboolfalseWhether lights get added from the left side creating a time-dependent decay pattern, or are added randomly.
SnakeyboolfalseCurrently does nothing, like in cnlohr’s ColorChord.
EnablebooltrueWhether to use this visualizer.