Chromatic music visualizer, creating real-time graphics that really react to your music

Get Started

A derivative of cnlohr's ColorChord project.

Open-Source and Free

Feel free to browse the source code. Changes and additions are welcomed on GitHub. Download and use of ColorChord.NET costs you nothing, no matter how you want to use it.

Chromatic Visualization

Instead of generic patterns and waveforms, ColorChord.NET maps the notes being played in your music to the colour spectrum, creating a consistent and relatable visualization.

Real-Time Processing

Works with any audio your computer plays, or even microphone input to react to instruments or voice. All processing is done in real-time with very low latency.


Works on Windows and Linux now, and can be extended to other systems as well.

Flexible and Extendible

Extensive configuration options allow you to customize the behaviour to exactly suit your needs. If what you want isn't available, it's easy to add.

Low Resource Usage

A small and efficient program means minimal CPU and RAM usage, even in complex configurations.